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Driving Privileges

In some, but not all cases, a court is authorized, but not required, to grant limited driving privileges to an individual whose driver's license has been suspended. Further information about driving privileges and citations to relevant portions of the Ohio Revised.

Conditions of Privileges

In granting limited driving privileges, the court is required to specify the purposes, times and places of the privileges and require the offender to provide proof of financial responsibility. R.C. 4510.021(A) and (E).

The court may also impose any other reasonable conditions on the person's driving and may require the person's vehicle to be equipped with an immobilizing and disabling device and/or restricted plates. R.C. 4510.021(A) and (C).

Purposes of Privileges

Privileges may be granted for occupational, educational, vocational, or medical purposes; taking examination for driver's license; and attending court-ordered treatment. R.C. 4510.021(A).

Further Information

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